GDExperts is now ISO 27001 and NITA level II certified.

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Replicate files swiftly across sites!

Replicate files and databases efficiently between multiple sites in real time.

Improve the availability and reliability of your organization data.

Why GDEReplica

Data Backup and Recovery

GDEReplica enables consistent copy of data to be accessed from different sites. This ensures an accurate backup exists at all times in case of a catastrophe, malware attack, hardware failure, or a system breach where data is compromised.

Data Analytics

GDEReplica supports data analytics replicating data to a data warehouse empowers distributed analytics teams to work on common projects for business intelligence. Data-driven organizations replicate data from multiple sources into data warehouses where they use them to power business intelligence (BI) tools.

Organization Performance

GDEReplica supports multiple users to access data relevant to their tasks without interfering with the work of others. It also makes data access faster, especially in organizations with a large number of locations.

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