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Enjoy the cashless experience with MQPay

We integrate mobile money and bank financial services to a multi-purpose digital platform to increase efficiency for merchants and convenience for customers while carrying out transactions.

A digital financial solution adding convenience to your transactions.

What makes MQPay the Best Payment Gateway

Paying Utilities

Users shall be able to purchase and pay for selected utilities using the MqPay platform. Utilities that shall be payable using the platform include but not limited to airtime, data bundles, water bills, electricity bills and YoTV subscription.

Multi-Functional Platform

MQPay payment gateway has several products that enhance convenience while carrying out transactions for retailers, customers, merchants and traders.

Customer Care Support

Users of MQPay platform can raise queries to the support personnel directly from their web portals. Templates for raising queries are inbuilt into MQPay to ensure that the users are able to raise concerns with the utmost ease.

Convenient Transactions

MqPay is able to initiate a debit from the mobile money wallet of the customer to the account of the MqPay user. MqPay also is able to credit the mobile money wallet of the customer using the account of the MqPay user. In both cases, the customer does not necessarily have to be registered with MqPay in any way.


Users shall be granted access to the reports of their accounts. These reports shall be accessible via the web portal.

API Integration for Developers

MQpay features a powerful and easy to use API for developers. This easily integrates with any application and platform.

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